The natural duo against bladder infections.

Are you being plagued by burdensome bladder inflammation and antibiotics? We have two natural substances, pure D-Mannose and kidney- and bladder-dragées derived from three medicinal plants, which can help. 

Bladder inflammation in women is a vexed issue. One infection often follows another – along with another prescription for antibiotics. There are gentler alternatives. For one, pure D-Mannose. This simple sugar binds to bacteria and prevents them from implanting into the bladder wall. In one study, Mannose was carefully investigated for prevention of bladder inflammation. In comparison to an antibiotic, it performed just as well, if not better. Without side effects or developing resistance as antibiotics can. 

Take when you develop the first signs

If bladder inflammation occurs, the following approach is helpful: plant-derived kidney- and bladder-dragées at a sufficiently high dose, i.e. two dragées three times daily, drink a lot of fluid and for the first three days take an anti-inflammatory medication. It is important that the preparations are taken at the first signs of bladder inflammation.

An antibiotic is only advisable if the symptoms of inflammation are not better after three days or if the patient is not symptom-free after five days. If fever and kidney pain are present, then one should also not delay. Kidney- and bladder-­dragées containing extracts of the leaves of bearberries, birch and goldenrod, which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic and anti-spasmodic actions, are also sensible adjuvant treatments during a course of antibiotics.  

Source: Consultation Doctor Stutz on 23.06.2017(  )