Marlies von Siebenthal informs

The myth of bladder inflammation
„Don’t sit on a cold floor or you will get bladder inflammation“ – is this true? 

Yes and no: the risk of bladder inflammation can be increased by cold in the abdominal area because the cold reduces the local defences of the bladder mucosa.

When it is cold, our body has to work harder to maintain a body temperature of 37 degrees and to optimally supply all our organs. When it is cold the metabolism slows, blood vessels narrow, the defence mechanisms are less effective and so bacteria, for example, find it easier to cause inflammation since the mucosa is less well perfused when it is cold.

Conclusion: Whilst the driver of a bladder inflammation can be sitting on cold floors, the bladder inflammation is still always caused by bacteria.


Preventative measures against bladder conditions are advisable. What you can do to prevent them can be found here