Act, before it burns

Are you fed up with swallowing antibiotics for bladder inflammation? With pure D-Mannose, we now have a natural, gentle option for the prevention of bladder inflammation.

Since the programme Puls was shown on Swiss television, D-Mannose is on everyone’s lips and their bladders. And with good reason. The simple sugar D-Mannose, or Mannose for short, is an excellent, natural and above all gentle method of preventing burdensome bladder inflammation. Many women’s doctors, bladder centres and affected individuals use it in the treatment of bladder inflammation.

The problem is well known: anyone who is repeatedly plagued by bladder inflammation generally receives antibiotics. Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to the common preparations. In addition, the effect of antibiotics does not last. One inflammation is soon followed by the next. Today we know that one can easily avoid using antibiotics in uncomplicated bladder inflammation.

In order to relieve symptoms such as pain and cramps a non-prescription analgesic is sufficient. Actually, this works better and faster than an antibiotic. It is also necessary to drink lots of fluids.

Taking Mannose in a glass of water helps to bind the bacteria and then excrete them with the urine. Every second bladder inflammation heals spontaneously without antibiotic treatment. An ascending infection develops in 0.1 to 0.2 percent of cases treated with antibiotics and in under 2 percent without antibiotic treatment. The difference is very slight.

Mannose for prevention of bladder inflammation has been investigated in studies. In comparison to an antibiotic, it performed just as well or even better. Without side effects or increasing resistance as an antibiotic can. Well-known gynaecologists and bladder centres are also having good experiences with it and are recommending the preparation.

Due to its chemical structure, Mannose binds to the bacteria and prevents them from invading the bladder wall. Subsequently the conglomerates of bacteria and Mannose are excreted in the urine. This makes Mannose a gentle alternative to the repeated use of antibiotics. Antibiotic treatment may only be required when there are signs of a severe inflammation and fever. By the way, Mannose has no effect on calorie balance or blood sugar and can therefore also be used by diabetics following consultation with their doctor.

Hänseler D-Mannose the first medicinal product with pure D-Mannose

Pure D-Mannose for natural prevention of urinary tract infections. Clinically established prophylaxis. Free of preservatives, dyes or other types of sugar. Gluten free, lactose free and vegan.

Source: Consultation Doctor Stutz, Issue Nr. 1/2016


Report: Act, before it burns