Signs of bladder inflammation?

The plant-based medication kidney- and bladder-dragées S acts in bladder inflammation as a:

  • mild anti-inflammatory
  • urinary tract disinfectant
  • diuretic 




The active substances

Bearberry leaf

Bearberry leaves work as a disinfectant by means of the main active ingredient arbutin, and in the urine as an antibacterial. The tannins they contain support this effect.  


Kidney- and bladder-dragées S contain extracts of bearberry, birch and goldenrod leaves. The constituent plant extracts act as mild anti-inflammatories, urinary tract disinfectants and increase the flow of urine. Kidney- and bladder-dragées S are used for pains in the region of the bladder and urethra resulting from cooling and local irritation with the urge to pass water and burning dysuria.


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Kidney- and bladder-dragées S are available in packs of 40 or 60 film-coated tablets in Pharmacies and Chemists.


This is an approved medicinal product. Please take the advice of a specialist and read the pack information leaflet


Adults: 2 – 3 times daily 2 film-coated tablets to be taken with plenty of fluid. 
Juveniles from 12 years: 2 – 3 times daily 1 film-coated tablet to be taken with plenty of fluid. 

Comply with the dosage instructions given in the pack information leaflet or prescribed by the doctor. If you believe that the medication effect is too weak or strong, please speak to your doctor, pharmacist or chemist. 


Kidney- and bladder-dragées can be taken in addition to an antibiotic.

Due to the diuretic and flushing promoting properties of goldenrod and birch leaf extracts, both dead and surviving microbes can be washed out. Please seek advice from a specialist. 

Hänseler advertising spot

Bladder inflammation? Act if it burns!

Hänseler kidney- and bladder-dragées
The plant-based medication for treatment of urinary burning and pains in the bladder region. 

From the TV advertisement