Preventative measures

Prevention – act before it burns

Preventative measures to prevent bladder complaints are advisable. What can be done for prevention? 

Drinking water

You should drink at least two litres of water daily. This helps to wash out infectious agents and strengthens the bladder. Avoid alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks, since these can further irritate the bladder.  


Signs of bladder infection?


Prevention - act before it burns

«What options are there to prevent bladder inflammation?»  


The following preventative measures against bladder conditions are recommended:

  • Drinking: At least two litres of water daily
  • D-Mannose: Offers a gentle option to protect against bladder inflammation
  • Woollen briefs
  • Sexual intercourse: empty your bladder after sexual intercourse and drink two glasses of water
  • Intimate care with pH-neutral or acidic washing lotions
  • Toilet hygiene: clean from front to back
  • Strengthen bodily defences with a well-balanced diet 


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Alternative to antibiotics?

Why are women so frequently affected? Frequent kidney and bladder conditions in women occur primarily due to the shorter urethra in the female sex. This means that microbes transmitted e.g. sexually can take root more quickly and produce an infection. This predisposition can be negatively influenced by a weak immune system, thin mucosal membranes, hormones and inappropriate intimate care. 

Symptoms of bladder conditions

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