Bladder infection?

Anyone can develop bladder inflammation, although women are far more frequently affected than men. The most common cause of bladder inflammation are bacteria. 

Anyone who notices the typical features should react as soon as possible. If you develop the sensation of an infection, it is important to drink at least two-and-a-half to three litres and to obtain a diuretic from the Chemist’s or a Pharmacy in order to avoid having to use antibiotics.

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Signs of bladder inflammation? 

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Recurring symptoms?

Women are often affected by recurrent bladder inflammation. Measures to prevent bladder disorders are advisable.

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Alternative to antibiotics?

Why are women so frequently affected? Frequent kidney and bladder conditions in women occur primarily due to the shorter urethra in the female sex. This means that microbes transmitted e.g. sexually can take root more quickly and produce an infection. This predisposition can be negatively influenced by a weak immune system, thin mucosal membranes, hormones and inappropriate intimate care. 

Symptoms of bladder conditions

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